Hello! Bonjour!
Привет! Привіт!
I'm John Baublitz and I do a lot of open source work.
A little bit about me and my interests:

I have been hacking on things since 2011. Feel free to poke around my Github for my open source personal projects and contributions. Most of my time is divided between contributing to large open source projects and maintaining my own personal projects in the hopes that they may be useful to someone along the way.

Some of the areas I enjoy focusing on most are:

  • storage
  • strong typing
  • network stacks
  • compilers and programming languages
  • working with operating systems in kernel space and user space
  • systems security
  • sometimes writing tooling to make life easier for myself

Because of the domains I work in, I've gravitated mostly towards C, Python, and Rust to get things done.